I was born at the Ice Palace, just a few miles from the Moosewood and a commune called Love Inn. Baptized Catholic, I was a Hoosier and a citizen of the Garden State several times over. I had a gay dad before that was a popular move, and I’ve written a book about it, called Better This Way. I’ve been a butcher store clerk, a library page, a deli worker, a nanny, an assistant to the executive assistant of the library, a mail clerk, a community organizer, an editor, a law clerk, a lawyer, a wife, a mom, a union rep, a safety officer, a labor arbitrator and a decent friend. My hobbies include running, hiking, cooking, reading, my kids, my dog and shooting the shit  – not necessarily in that order. In addition to the aforementioned memoir, I am hard at work at a law practice, a mystery, a YA thriller and children’s early reader. Also I’m a police commissioner (alternate). Also, I over-commit.

I’ve been published in the East Bay Express and the BNA Labor Reporter, and I won the 2018 Christopher Hewitt Award for Creative Non-Fiction.