Revisiting My Resolutions

One month ago, I wrote a blog post called The Big To Do List, and I set out some resolutions for the month of June. I blasted through those goals. I wrote three decisions in two weeks, revised my mystery novel in 10 days instead of 20 days, and blogged 26 times out of a goal of 30. I also queried five more agents and one publisher. I did all this in the midst of my son’s eighth grade graduation (admittedly not taxing), a visit from family, a week-long vacation in NYC, and two work trips to LA and Las Vegas. I feel really good about my month. Not completing my goals doesn’t matter. I am way ahead of where I would be if I hadn’t set these goals. I am definitely doing it again. I’ve made some notes in my new journal (filled the old one) and I’ll post tomorrow about my new goals.

Please let me know how you did on yours. Even if you wrote on only one day, I promise that is more than you would have written otherwise!

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