How’s Your Memoir (Or Other Project) Going?

How is everyone out there doing on their June memoir project? I’ve been blogging (almost) every on my Medium blog. Here is today’s post. Then I’ve been cutting and pasting it into this blog, and adding a memoir writing prompt. I’ve been doing that because, in theory, I can get paid by Medium when people “clap” for my work. So far, it appears that I’ll make 22 cents this month from those posts. I guess I gotta start somewhere.

My goal this month was to revise my mystery novel (9 pages a day for 20 days) and blog every day. I also needed to write three legal decisions, and planned to query 10 more agents and submit to contests or submission calls 5 more times. Here’s how I am doing so far, with a week left to finish: I’ve revised 14 out of 20 days and I’ve blogged 19 out of 22 days so far. I’ve finished 2 decisions completely, and I will wrap up the last one today. Haven’t queried or submitted at all but I guess that’s what next week is for. I am feeling on track and happy with my progress.

My most popular blog posts, and the ones that will probably pay me a grand total of 27 cents this month, are both about marriage. So today’s MEMOIR WRITING PROMPT (choose one or do all three): How did you meet your spouse? Were you ever engaged or almost engaged before, and what was that about? What was your wedding like?

Okay, back to work!

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