The Inexorable March of Time

Last night, the person who made me a mother (i.e. my son) graduated from 8th grade. I don’t have many new reflections to share on this moment other than this: My heart swells with happiness over how excited he is to be moving on. Transitions aren’t really his thing – so for him to be this eager to leave one place and go to another demonstrates so much growth on his part. I’m really excited for him. It’s so fun to watch.

The other thing is this: nothing highlights the passage of time like watching your children experience things which you yourself remember vividly. I remember 8th grade well, and the main emotion I connect to it was the desire to leave childhood behind and begin the next phase of my life. As when a snake sheds its skin, I itched to peel off that part of my life and shines as the next version of myself. And seeing my son in that same place, thirty years later – wow. Time flies.

Not exactly deep thoughts. Here’s a couple pics of the munchkin turned man.

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