Resolutions, Old and New

I am a die-hard New Year’s resolution-maker. Every January (on the first business day of the year to be exact), I review my resolutions from the prior year and make some new ones. I didn’t make very many this year, so I’ve been thinking about making a couple of new ones. But first, I thought I’d check in on my 2018 resolutions to see how I’m doing.

  1. Make a regular schedule of dates with my husband: Brook was in trial more than full-time February through the end of April. We saw each other a little in January, I think, but I don’t specifically remember. We are planning to see a baseball game this weekend by ourselves, and tentatively plan on getting dinner next Thursday. But overall, I’d say this one hasn’t been a huge success. Glad I checked in to get a reminder to make this happen.
  2. Get rejected 100 times: This one sounds harsh, huh? So far, I’ve submitted my revised memoir to 58 different agents or publishers and I’ve been rejected 28 times. I am right on track to meet this goal. After I get a rejection, it can be deeply disheartening, and can take a few days or even weeks to start sending it out again. But I sent it to five agents today, so I’m off to a great start on this goal.
  3. Make a parenting goal: I never did this, which demonstrates the dangers of setting a goal that is “setting a goal.” Here’s one: Do an activity out of the house alone with each of my kids each month. I’ll give that one a try and let you know if it helps.

Usually, I make reading and movie goals but I didn’t this year. This hasn’t stopped me from reading and seeing movies though. So far, I’ve finished eleven books and abandoned three. I’ve seen ten movies, but I saw Black Panther twice so really it was eleven. I even bought a new album this year: Janelle Monae. Really good.

Since my 2018 resolutions were so anemic, I’ve decided to add a few more. First of all, I’ve clarified that parenting goal, and I’m gonna make that happen. I’m going to read 10 more books by the end of the year (a modest goal, given my current rate). I’ll buy one more album.

Finally, I’m going to blog every single day in the month of June. You are going to make it easy for me by joining me in setting your own writing goal. Folks who get my newsletter The Squeak (Subscribe here) have already been encouraged to consider starting their memoir in June. I will be posting ideas, writing prompts, encouragement and advice all month. I’ll probably blog about other stuff too. It’s fine if you want to write something else instead, just let me know what you’re working on.

In the comments below, let me know if you are willing to try! Thanks, Andrea


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