National Poetry Month Finale

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my poetry postings. I think having a theme really worked to keep my on track with blogging, so I am going consider other topics to write about. Before I say good-bye to April, though, I wanted to share one last poem, from one of my favorite people. He’ll probably become a very famous rapper (he sees it as a solid career path that simultaneously allows him to get a face tattoo.) You read him here first. This is The Plight, by Quinn Dooley. This rap, created and performed for his Humanities class, is inspired by The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child, by Francisco Jimenez. Quinn wants you to know he retains the copyright. I’m very pleased he licensed this to me for the blog.

The Plight

Under The Wire don’t make a single sound
Papa and Roberto are the only ones around
Picking cotton isn’t a dream now
Barely any money but seriously how
I feel like I don’t have a voice can’t speak out loud

Filled with hope
But nope
Gotta cope with the loss
The expectation they waitin and hatin’

Green jacket is taken
Winnin’ the prize I’m shaken
Caterpillar into butterfly still waitin’
Gotta take in the states cuz I’m staying
They racist and still hatin’

I turned to prayer
I felt like god just wasn’t there
I felt like it wasn’t fair
I felt so bare

Couldn’t communicate
I just told myself welcome to this state
Angry but not filled with hate
I felt the weight and just couldn’t wait
I just asked myself is this really your fate

I was poor 
Sleeping alone on the floor
They all waitin’ at the door
I just can’t wait no more
All I felt was sore

Exploitation, expectation
This is a nation of pride inside
But they obviously lied
My notebook like a guide
When it burned I cried

Visions racing through my head 
Thoughts jumping out and nothing is said
Like torture
Only got a quarter
As nothing is in order

I ain’t get no education
All these implications
Got a bad sensation
I ain’t got no temptation
Work hard it’s a plantation

All it is is pain 
I ain’t insane
All I got is grain 

Mad, I’m a tiger
Their liers
I’m on fire
Only got desire

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