Buying Poetry

It takes a lot for me to buy a book of poetry, but I bet that if I buy book of poetry a year, it’s more than most people. Amazon’s top selling books of poetry include Rumi, Maya Angelou and Khalil Gibran, as well as a poet who is being featured by Urban Outfitters, which must be point of sale items in their stores. It’s not like people are going out to their local indie bookstores and leaving with a stack of chapbooks. I get it. It’s hard to shell out $15 for something that can be hard to understand or even seem like crap. So take my advice, and run, don’t walk, to your nearest independent bookstore and asked for Counting Descent by Clint Smith. Every poem is great, and I might have to share more than one before this month ends. Here’s the first one I read that caused me to go buy his book.

How to Make an Empty Cardboard Box Disappear in 10 Steps

1) Find the scissors
2) Cut the sides of the cube
3) Attend the rally of Trayvon Martin
4) Attend the rally of Renisha McBride
5) Attend the rally of Jordan Davis
6) Attend the rally of Michael Brown
7) Attend the rally of Eric Garner
8) Attend the rally of Freddy Gray
9) Find another empty box
10) Attend the rally of _______________

copyright 2016 Clint Smith, from Counting Descent

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