Truly Cringeworthy

I want to assure you that in most areas of my expertise, I no longer deride my abilities. I am good arbitrator, a good writer, a good mother, a great wife (or so I’ve been told), but I am very realistic about my talents as a poet. I’m not a very good one. And I say that knowing that good poetry is very very hard to write, and I haven’t tried very hard to write good poetry. I’ve written some really bum poetry. However, I didn’t know all that when I was in college. I thought everything I did was GREAT, which led me publish such delightful items as the ones I’ve posted below. I definitely wrote the snowstorm one. I am not sure I wrote The Great American Mall, but if I didn’t, one of the other people pictured with me did. We published a zine called Gift Shop. It’s possible I own the only known copy. Enjoy.

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