From “Soul Make A Path Through Shouting”

Here’s are excerpts from a favorite poet of mine, Cyrus Cassells, which I read for a poetry class in college. Don’t worry, I’ll post another amazing* work on mine soon, possibly from that poetry class.  (*not actually amazing; I’m aware my poetry doesn’t hold a candle to this stuff)

Evening Lasting As Long As Life (in memory of four friends)
The force, the aureole
Of all you were,
Flooding the hospice,
On this evening lasting as long as life,
Streaming round the husk, the hollowed
Dovecote of your skin - 
I am not disease only;
Hold me as you would hold
The body of Christ -
Everywhere echoes:
Words spoken in chatterhappy mischief,
Words spoken in dream-bitten anger and grief
That we will never grow old together:
Brushstrokes, hammerstrokes,
The uppermost passion to be -

It was a privilege
To wipe away your sweat and ordure,
To talk as never before,
To hush the ravings
The world ranged against you in fear,
The great aphrodisiac of the earth -
And always you were teaching me
The time-at-hand:
This moment, this pain,
This marvel, then the next -

Copyright 1994, Cyrus Cassells, “Evening Lasting as Long as Life,” Soul Make A Path Through Shouting

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