National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, and while I am by no means a poet, I want to celebrate. This month, I’ll post some poems I’ve written in my life and also some poems that I love. I can’t promise I’ll do it every day, but here’s the first one. (And have a blessed Passover or Easter, if you celebrate.)

Lake Merritt

To the dad with the jogging stroller

To the chubby speed walkers

To the guy taking a work call on his walk to the office

To the Asian guy with the toupee who pulls his shirt over the back of his head, so his shoulders are covered but his chest – white and hairless – is exposed, with his wide smile

To the Black lady in the garbage bag running suit with thick beautiful braids on her head

To the white swans, and the Chinese woman who got off her bike to talk to them

To the homeless man dressed all in the white, sitting in his box, looking like he wished he was still a painter, or he’s late for work

To the homeless man putting on sunscreen and rocking out to his boom box, laughing at his friend’s joke

To the lady whose gospel music seeps out of her headphones and she yells good morning as I pass

To the guy throwing a ball for his dogs

To the old man walking club

To the breeze that blows the brackish smell in the opposite direction, no matter which side of the lake I’m on

To the jaddatohom, walking with bags on their head

To my feet and my calves and my sciatic nerve and my back and my shoulders and my knees

Thanks for being out here today.


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